Queen Camilla uses fashion hack that ‘makes you look taller’, claims expert

1. Embrace Tailoring

Whether you opt for a sharply cut dress or you step out fully suited, tailoring equals effortless elegance which is why it’s a Camilla’s go-to. A crisper silhouette is always a wise fashion move, enhancing all body shapes, particularly as we age and our bodies get rounder.

Tailoring lends itself to smart events and of course the office, but adding structured separates or even the humble shoulder pad into your casual repertoire creates a modern look and you’ll feel ready for anything.

2. The Joy of Accesories

Our Queen loves her accessories – and for good reason! Not only do they add the final flourish to an outfit, creating that pulled together ‘finished’ feel, but used artfully they can be your figure’s best friend.

Try a Camilla-style statement necklace, worn high on the decolletage to balance out larger tums and bums, some fabulous earrings to elongate your neck, or a frivolous hat just for the fun of it, which will also make you look taller.

Don’t forget the power of a well-placed brooch to bring a touch of thoughtful personality to the plainest of jackets.

3. Be a Colour Lover

Royals avoid beige and you should too! Why not ditch the neutrals and follow in Her Majesty’s colourful footsteps, and adopt the uplifting power of brighter tones.

As a ‘Summer’, Camilla looks particularly radiant in her favourite blues and ice-cream pastels. Understanding your best shades will not only take years off you and bring out your eyes, but embracing the rainbow will boost your mood and everyone else’s too!

4. Know your body scale

You’ve probably heard about dressing for your body shape and even vertical scale, but do you know your body scale? Put simply, this is matching the scale (size) of your clothing to the size of your frame (your bone structure not your dress size).

For example, the bigger your wrist bones, the larger your watch should be and vice versa for the most flattering effect – Camilla’s statuesque figure can take bolder, more dramatic pieces – and she looks even more stylish for it!

5. Have Fun

Finally, don’t take life – or fashion – too seriously and have fun expressing yourself through the joy of clothes. Camilla injects her personality and humour into every outfit with panache, and her positivity is infectious.

She ‘owns’ her royal wardrobe, carrying off flamboyant headpieces, bold jewellery and zingy brights with relaxed but regal poise, demonstrating to the rest of us that the most important wardrobe item, no matter your status or role in life, is always your confidence.

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