Queen Elizabeth was ‘genius’ at ‘sticking to her style’ – left a ‘legacy for royal women’


The late Queen Elizabeth not only made history by being the only monarch to reach 70 years on the throne, but she was also a style icon. Fashion historian Dr Kate Strasdin spoke to Express.co.uk to discuss the late monarch’s “incredible” style legacy.

Her Late Majesty’s wardrobe throughout the ages demonstrated her subtle and diplomatic style.

It also showed her consistency during turbulent times, and her support of British designers and makers, according to Dr Strasdin who has long commented on the history and protocol of royal dress.

She said: “The late Queen’s relationship to style was guided by a sense of consistency.

“It was a ‘steady-at-the-helm’ approach to appearance, which went from her hairstyle down, really.”

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The fashion historian argues that the late Queen’s “consistency” was what kept her popular during her 70 years on the throne.

Dr Strasdin explained: “There were tweaks and adaptations over time, but actually her sartorial consistency was part of her appeal.

“Her identity was rooted in this calm sense of consistency so that while everything else could be tumultuous and the world felt unsteady, you could look at her at any point and she looked herself.

“This became part of her genius in terms of sticking to her style and not changing too much.”

The engagement ring was created in 1947 with the assistance of London jewellers Philip Antrobus Ltd.

Claire Beatson, the General Manager of lab-grown engagement ring brand Nightingale spoke to Express.co.uk about the late Queen’s jewel.

She explained: “The Queen’s engagement ring has a beautiful origin story.

“Prince Phillip realised he didn’t have the money to buy a fitting engagement ring for Her Majesty, so turned to his mother who donated a beautiful three-carat centre diamond from her own collection.”


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