Queen Elizabeth’s elegant blue & yellow hat sparked rumours about hidden political message


Queen Elizabeth, 96, is famous for her monochrome colours with often matching hats. She wears these outfits during most public appearances. But the monarch wore one hat in particular that fans were convinced had a hidden meaning.

All the speculation reportedly made the Royal Family smile.

The Queen once wore a very stylish hat which resembled the European Union flag very strongly.

Therefore, royal fans were convinced she was secretly against Brexit.

In 2017, the monarch’s fashion choices gained speculation after she wore a fabulous blue hat with yellow flowers when she opened parliament.

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During this speech, she also announced the government’s eight bills for Brexit.

Many people believed the Queen was conveying subliminal messages that showed her support for the European Union.

However, the speculation was quickly shut down by Angela Kelly, who is the Queen’s personal dresser and close friend.

She set the record straight in her book The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe.


Angela said: “We chose a Breton-brim block style, which would create an upturned brim, so Her Majesty’s face could be clearly seen, and The Queen could see everyone in the room.

“We chose a large square crown to balance the brim and five flowers, made from feathers with tiny seed pearls, painted yellow.

“It never occurred to Stella and me that people might think we were copying the European Union flag.

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She cannot vote or stand for election.

However, she does have important ceremonial and formal roles when it comes to the government of the UK.

The Queen opens each new session of Parliament, grants Royal Assent to legislation, and approves Orders and Proclamations through the Privy Council.

She also meets with the Prime Minister on a weekly basis and retains the right to appoint him or her.

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