Six ‘really simple’ style hacks for a youthful appearance with ‘understated’ looks

Claire Heathcote, co-founder of sustainable cashmere brand Loop Cashmere, said that as the mornings get colder, “the desire to throw on our cosiest layers before heading to the street increases” which makes it more difficult to look stylish. “It can be difficult to wear our comfiest clothes whilst still looking professional and chic,” she said and explained that if women struggle to make their winter wardrobe feel sophisticated while keeping a young and fresh look, there are six ways to do so while layering up.

A classic shirt and a crew neck

A crisp white shirt is a wardrobe staple “guaranteed to smarten up any outfit,” Claire said, and recommended laying it under a knitted crew neck and teaming it with tailored trousers.

“It’s an understated and traditional look that will make you look put together” and if the temperature is on the warmer side, “you can remove the crew neck and still look like you’ve made an effort,” she suggested.

Cosy roll necks and suits

Oversized blazers with a single colour roll neck underneath, either tight or loose-fitting, will make women look more stylish than ever and guarantee a youthful and trendy look.

If necessary, women can add an extra layer, like a long coat. “A tighter roll neck gives a streamlined look while a loose one creates a relaxed effortless style,” Claire explained.

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A coatigan is a piece that smartens up casual weekend outfits and softens office attire. “Wrap up in a long coatigan with the option to take it off,” the stylist said.

Women can wear it with edgy leather leggings and a white shirt or pair it with stylish cigarette pants and a silk shirt.


A sweater in classic cream or black is the “ultimate preppy essential and perfect” for a winter day.

“Tie around shoulders for a practical but high-end way of beating the chill then, if temperatures dip, throw your sweater over your outfit. You can even use it as a scarf over coats,” Claire suggested, for the ultimate chic look.



Women can still opt for a midi or maxi dress this winter with a coatigan or a loose roll neck over the top.

The fashion expert explained that either option can be worn loose and relaxed for casual days, or add a belt around your coatigan or jumper to cinch in your waist and smarten the look up.

“A slip dress also looks elegant with a roll neck placed underneath and, again, with or without a belt depending on your personal taste,” she explained.

Defining the waistline using a belt is a well-known and very effective fashion hack to achieve a youthful appearance, as well as showing off your best features.

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A “really simple way” to dress for winter without overheating is to make the most of accessories, Claire explained.

Women can opt for coordinating hats, gloves and scarves in neutral colours, which will go with every outfit.

The fashionable blanket scarves will also give you a younger look and can be draped across the chest and shoulders for “a high-end look”.

Other fashion tricks that will make people look instantly younger are embracing colours and patterns, even in the winter months, and ditching a dark and boring look but without going too crazy.

Women can also try rolling up the sleeves of their shirt or showing their ankles by wearing straight ankle jeans with flat shoes for a youthful look.

Fashion stylist Lauren Rothman explained: “As we age, we’re so consumed with how many parts of our body we feel like we have to cover up, but a few don’t need to be covered.

“Elongating the leg a bit with that cropped pant is very flattering and sexy, and it’s a part of your body that doesn’t tend to show age.”

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