Sophie Duchess of Edinburgh wore tight minidress to royal wedding


Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, 58, married Prince Edward, 59, on June 19, 1999, in St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

However, five years before this, Sophie attended a royal wedding as the current Duke of Edinburgh’s plus one.

As a royal girlfriend at the time, little was known about Sophie Rhys-Jones, except that she had a career in public relations, working for a variety of firms including four years at Capital Radio.

In 1994, Princess Margaret’s daughter Lady Sarah Chatto married Daniel Chatto at St Stephen Walbrook Church in London.

The royal invited her four maternal first cousins, which included Prince Edward, who is just two months older than Sarah.

Edward brought along his girlfriend at the time Sophie, the future Duchess of Edinburgh, who looked divine in a tight blue minidress accompanied by a blue jacket with white cuffs.

Sophie accessorised with circular white earrings with a gold rim surrounding the jewels.

The cream top hat that Sophie wore featured tulle around the brim and a giant bow trailing behind it.

Sophie’s chic hat perfectly matched her outfit for this royal wedding, radiating elegance and class.

This seemed to encapsulate the millinery style of the early 1990s. At the time, many royal commentators compared Sophie’s style to that of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Diana was famous for wearing slim-slight dresses that showed off her remarkable figure from brands like Chanel, Catherine Walker and Dior.

Because of this style comparison and the fact that there was a new royal girlfriend on the scene, there was a lot of focus on Sophie and less directed towards the bride.

For footwear, Sophie wore smart white shoes with a tan block heel, which perfectly complemented the white accents on the Duchess’s outfit.

Her beaming smile showed her joy at Lady Sarah’s marriage as well as her own developing affection for Prince Edward.

The pictures from the day expertly portray royal relationships in the early 1990s.

Ar the time, the Royal Family were obsessed with timeless glamour which was loved by their loyal fans.

Sophie was beaming as an attendee at Lady Sarah’s wedding, just five years before she joined the family itself.


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