State pension: How to find out if you can top up National Insurance contributions | Personal Finance | Finance

Ms Morrissey said figures from the DWP released last month show state pension incomes are continuing to increase.

She explained: “The average amount of new state pension claimed by women is £170.52 compared to just £152.12 for a woman claiming the basic state pension – it is an enormous gap that makes a huge difference to women’s retirement prospects.

“It has also allowed women to significantly close the gender gap, although this isn’t all good news, because the increase for women has been accompanied by a cut for men – who claim an average of £175.84 in new state pension per week compared to £178.60 under the basic system.

“The playing field is levelling off though it’s important to add that not everyone gets a full state pension and there are still 1.8 million people receiving less than £100 per week.”

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