State pension update as Britons given more time to boost National Insurance | Personal Finance | Finance

Britons typically need some 35 qualifying years of National Insurance contributions if they are hoping to get the full new state pension.

Experts have recently spoken about the potential benefits voluntary contributions could bring.

Ray Black, chartered financial planner and managing director at Money Minder, told “If they don’t have the full 35 years’ service that is needed to provide the maximum state pension, they can use the same service to find out if there is any way to increase what they will get by paying voluntary contributions.

“This option can be really good value for someone looking to maximise their retirement income. It can ensure they have enough to live on during the recession years.”

Sir Steve Webb, former pensions minister and partner at LCP, described the action as “great value for money”, and warned missing out could cost some “thousands of pounds”.

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