Style expert tells women over 50 to start wearing a particular dress


There are many options available to women if they want to shave a few years off their age.

Revamping your skincare regime, changing up your hairstyle or honing your makeup routine can all make a huge difference.

Many mature women go down the cosmetic route, opting for anti-ageing treatments such as Botox and filler, or surgical treatments like eyelid surgery and facelifts.

However, it’s also possible to look years younger than you are with just a few simple wardrobe tweaks.

In a video entitled “Update Your Look and Feel 10 Years Younger”, over 50s style influencer Deidre from 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre shared a few crucial style hacks.

While women can of course dress however they like at any age, it’s undeniable that some items just suit mature women more than others.

A good dress is a wardrobe staple and Deirdre recommended a style that totally suits women over 50.

She said: “Dresses are always flattering if you find a style which suits your particular body shape.”

She explained that the “right dress” is individual to each woman, and factors in their look, body shape and lifestyle.

Deirdre continued: “But – and don’t hate me here – I do think that dresses that are slightly below the kneecap, or midi length, or maxi length, look better on our age group. It’s just more elegant and becoming.”

For those who want to enhance their figure, the style influencer advised: “Especially so if they are fit and flare shaped. I like a little A-line – that is very slimming for everyone.”

She explained that fit and flare flatters all sorts of body shapes, particularly apple, pear and hourglass figures.

She added that athletic and regtangular shapes also look great in this style of dress, as they can create the illusion of a waist “if you don’t really have one”.

Deidre advised that they are more flattering and youthful than a dress with less structure, for example a tunic.

The influencer concluded: “I’d love to hear your comments on this ladies, as I’ve got a feeling this video is going to be a little bit contentious.”

One fan said: “Thank you for your styling tips, tricks and ‘secrets’ Deirdre! Finding your channel has given me a new lease of life, as I had got into a serious rut after retiring from my job in a busy office, and going through lockdown where I had to isolate etc. I had got stuck in baggy shapeless comfy clothes that looked drab, boring and frumpy. Since watching your channel I have started to come back to the stylish woman I used to be!”


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