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PIP is a benefit paid to eligible people of working age who live with a long-term illness or health condition that affects their daily living. To be eligible for the support, a person must have been affected by the condition for three months and expect it to continue for at least another nine months.

Paul Brennan, from Benefits Answers, is urging people with Raynaud’s Syndrome to check if they can claim the support.

It is characterised by cold, sore or numbness in parts of the body, and can sometimes cause colour change to fingers and toes.

The cold temperatures of winter can make the condition worse and could inhibit a person’s daily life even if they are still able to work.

PIP consists of a separate daily living component and a mobility component, and a person may be able to get the benefit if their Raynaud’s Syndrome affects their daily life.

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Mr Brennan said: “The DWP will send you a form focusing on how your condition affects you.

“Make sure you’re putting in as much detail as you can so that they have a crystal clear picture of your physical or mental health needs.”

PIP payments are increasing by 10.1 percent in April along with payments for other benefits, including Universal Credit.

UK law states benefits have to increase each year in line with the rate of inflation, with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt confirming the benefits uprating in last year’s Autumn Statement.

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