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These documents include:
CVI (Certificate of Visual Impairment)
BD8 Certificate
A certificate or document issued by a Local Authority that shows they are registered as blind (severely sight impaired)
A copy of a certificate from an Ophthalmologist (eye surgeon), stating that they are blind (severely sight impaired).

They won’t need to provide this information again when they renew their TV Licence.

If a person or someone they live with is blind (severely sight impaired), regardless of their age, they can apply for a blind concession.
If they already have a TV Licence, but it isn’t in the name of the person who is blind, they’ll need to transfer the licence into their name.

They can do this by making a first-time blind application. They’ll just need to enter the existing TV Licence number for their address when they apply.

If the blind (severely sight impaired) person is under 18, a different process will apply.

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