Universal Credit is £35 a week ‘too low’ for hard-up Britons charities warn | Personal Finance | Finance

“This Government is committed to making sure work pays. We have already made changes to Universal Credit so claimants can keep more of their hard-earned money – a boost worth £1,000 a year on average, and from the end of February we’re providing even more tailored support to help working people on income-related benefit to boost their earnings.”

Some 120,000 more claimants are required to do more to look for work after the Administrative Earnings Threshold was increased to £617 for individual claimants and £988 for couples from 30 January 2023.

Those who earn below the threshold have to do more to try and boost their income including regularly meeting with a work coach.

People who fail to carry out these tasks risk sanctions on their payments with their benefits being cut.

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