WASPI calls on men to support next step in state pension age campaign | Personal Finance | Finance

However, WASPI argues there are “inconsistencies” in the Ombudsman’s investigation as it maintains the PHSO has “failed to follow due process”.

In 2021, the PHSO concluded there was maladministration on the part of the DWP, stating: “We consider that, if DWP had made a reasonable decision in August 2005 and then acted promptly, it would have written to affected women to tell them about changes to their state pension age by, at the latest, December 2006.”

However, WASPI stated the Ombudsman “appears to believe” most women would have not received the letters until much later – and argue this would have been “too late” for most to make different decisions about their retirement.

Consequently, WASPI states the Ombudsman is “mistaken” about the impact maladministration had on WASPI women.

The fundraising campaign continues, but at the time of writing, some £78,530 had been raised, with 4,943 pledges according to the Crowdjustice website.

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