‘We’ve been forgotten’: Couple on Economy 7 tariff face bills hike despite price cap | Personal Finance | Finance

Simon Francis, from the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, told BBC One: “The costs of these tariffs are going up, and they’re going up in spite of the fact that we are supposed to be in a situation where prices are locked in and people can budget with confidence, knowing what their energy bills are going to cost.”

The Energy Price Guarantee is increasing in April, with average energy bills to go up to £3,000 a year.

A Government spokesperson said previously: “We know it is a difficult time for families and businesses across the country, which is why we are delivering on the energy price guarantee which will save the typical household around £900 this winter, compared to undiscounted energy prices under the price cap.

“This is on top of all households receiving £400 off their energy bills. From January, the level of Government support will increase to account for increases in the Ofgem price cap, keeping a typical bill in Britain equivalent to around £2,500 a year.”

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