2023 horoscope: 5 star signs that will be the luckiest this year

For the majority, the new year will be bittersweet; there will be happy, sad, and difficult phases for each star sign. Certain star signs, however, are said to experience greater luck – Libra, Scorpio, Leo, Gemini and Taurus, with there being a month in particular, where their luck is heightened. Here’s what astrologers are predicting. 


Luckiest month in 2023: October 

This star sign is said to have the best chances for love, fortune and success in 2023; expect “brand-new possibilities and significant breakthroughs in practically every area of your life”. 

For the most part, any goals will be achieved, and Libra will feel empowered to take new actions. 

Expect “important life adjustments” too, but these will “provide leverage to advance” further. 

Astrologers also said those with the star sign Libra can expect to “gain significantly” both financially and domestically. 

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Luckiest month in 2023: March 

Anyone who is a Leo can expect “several excellent possibilities” this year, but to be successful, they must “seize each one”. 

2023 is said to be a “highly active and hectic year” but Leo must “take care not to sacrifice quality in your job simply because your zodiac sign is one of fortune”. Instead, they are advised to work hard to achieve even more success. 

In terms of career, the next 12 months are said to be “ideal” with lots of “job openings” coming Leo’s way. 

For love, astrologers claim Leo’s will meet someone and “fall madly in love”. 

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Luckiest month in 2023: August 

2023 is Gemini’s year of “transformations and changes”, as astrologers predict a bright future with “planetary transits in your favour”. 

The new year is also a chance for anyone with the star sign Gemini to “realise all [their] goals”, and it’s important they start working towards their objectives now.  

In terms of love, there is going to be a “great deal of harmony” and the first four months of the year will be “great” for love and relationships. 

For the money, the horoscope says 2023 is “about gains and makings in the long run” and there are going to be lots of opportunities and chances to accumulate money. 


Luckiest month in 2023: April 

Anyone with the star sign Taurus is said to have a “terrific start” to 2023, so it’s wise to “organise and schedule your actions properly”. 

Astrotalk experts suggest making any “significant decisions for the upcoming year at the beginning of the year”.

Luck with money “won’t be all that great” but a Taurus’ love life is said to be “phenomenal” – expect your life to improve as a result of that individual.

That being said, the experts said if you “transform your love life, you can achieve significant luck in all aspects”. Expect success from “the financial, romantic as well as educational fields”.

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