Hair expert shares hairstyle for older women that ‘radiates youth

There are plenty of options out there for women who want to look younger. From wardrobe revamps to skincare, from makeup to cosmetic treatment, the possibilities are endless.

Your hair colour, cut and style can also take years off your face if you make the right choices.

In a video entitled The Best Anti Aging Hairstyles | The Younger Games for Harper’s Bazaar, Kelly Deadmon spoke to editorial and celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate about the ways women can transform their look via their hair.

She said: “I want my hair to scream youth Matt, like I’m in high school again – sans perm.”

Matt started off by styling Kelly’s bouncy blow dry into an “unfussed” and “dischevelled” French side braid, finishing off the bottom with a loose fishtail plait.

Next, he worked her hair into a “cool girl topknot”. Matt left most of her hair loose, but pulled back the front section into a tiny ponytail.

Instead of creating a classic pony, he finally pulled the hair half way so it created a little bun.

But according to the expert, if you want to look younger, long hair might just be the way to go. He said: “As women age it’s harder for them to grow their hair longer and it is something that just radiates youth – to have that length.

“A lot of women now are embracing hair extensions – I don’t think it’s a faux pas like it was.”

Mature women can experiment with hair extensions in lots of different ways. Renowned salon Inanch London, famous for its hair extensions, offers pre-bonded polymer hair, micro rings, taped hair, voluminizers and clip-ins. 

Clip-ins are great for women who just want to try out the long hair on occasion. The website reads: “Great for adding instant length, thickness and splashes of colour. Low-maintenance.”

If you don’t want to try out extensions or even a new style with your own hair, something as simple as changing your parting can work wonders for your overall look.

Matt explained that “changing your part changes the shape of your face so much”. 

If you’re interested in switching up the colour of your hair, a leading hair expert spoke exclusively to about the best hair colour for women over 50.

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