Aldi designer makeup dupes leave skin ‘glow and radiant’ for under £5

TikTok creator Georgia Baigrie discovered two new low-cost makeup “dupes” at Aldi which she says can leave skin “glowy and radiant”. She shares her videos on her page @georgiabaigrie to a following of 46.8K with an aim of helping her followers to “save them pounds”.

In a recent video, Georgia said: “Aldi just keep on bringing out these makeup dupes and treating us all for Christmas. They are so cheap.”

Georgia believes that Aldi’s Lacura Hydrating Tinted Moisturiser, which retails for £4.99 “is a dupe to Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint” which is £55. She also believes the Lacura Brightening Concealer, which sells for £2.99 “is a dupe to Clinique Even Better All Over Concealer Eraser” which costs £22.

When questioned by video viewers, Georgie explained how she determines whether something is a dupe or not, saying: “Aldi make it incredibly obvious with the packaging and names.”

Although both makeup items had sold out in her specific shade, Georgie still tested the products to find out what their coverage and consistency is like.

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The moisturiser has an SPF of 30 and includes hyaluronic acid and squalene. Aldi describes the product as capable of “evening out skin tone” and providing a “natural lightweight finish”.

The product has been given a five-star rating by shoppers on the Aldi website with one describing it as “brilliant”.  In a website review, the buyer wrote: “Fabulous tinted moisturiser. Shade two suits my skin tone perfectly, and I have tried many.”

Lacura Brightening Concealer

Georgie also tested the Brightening Concealer in shade four. In her video, she said: “Testing Aldi’s Lacura Brightening Concealer which cost me a couple of quid and is a dupe to the Clinique concealer which is £24. The packaging is so so similar, we love that from Aldi.”

Due to the shade of the concealer, the TikTok creator admitted that the product looked a little “so dark” compared to her skin tone. She added: “It is blending out really nicely though. It seems to be really lightweight as well.

“Now, I have put a tiny bit on I actually really like it. It looks really good on the skin, proper glowy and radiant. I think it is full coverage but buildable which I love that. So worth the money.” [SIC]

Video viewers also shared their opinion on the products. Kate Louise said: “That moisturiser is amazing.” Another user pointed out that the products are “never in stock”.

Georgie added: “Unfortunately, it’s the case of going into Aldi every week and checking for new dupes!” Currently, both products are out of stock on the Aldi website, however, in-store stock varies between locations. 

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