Amazon’s ‘cheap to run’ heated airer is under £100 in Boxing Day sale

With the rising cost of household bills, investing in low cost solutions can help minimise use of expensive, large household appliances.

With the expense of using large household appliances growing, considering alternatives can save money without compromising on efficiency.

Doing the laundry is an expensive process that consumes a large amount of energy, especially when using a combination of washing machine and tumble dryer.

Martin Lewis advised against using tumble dryers on an episode of his podcast, saying: “Do you know what the real demon appliances are in most people’s houses? The one that you really don’t want to use because it’s really expensive? Tumble dryers.”

Many shoppers have discovered that heated airers are a handy alternative, using much less energy than tumble dryers, but more efficient than standard drying racks.

Buy: 1Above Winged Electric Heated Indoor Clothes Airer (£99.99)

The airer is usually £119.99, however Amazon has reduced it to £99.99, but it could help save even more when used in replacement of a tumble dryer.

The folded winged design allows for extra hanging space, with 20 heated bars to hang clothes, towels and underwear on.

The lightweight device can easily be moved around or stored when not in use, and ideal for the colder months.

The heating element is effective and less risky than using the tumble dryer, helping to dry clothes quickly but without damage or shrinkage.

Reviews on the airer are mostly positive, with some shoppers calling it ”a great solution”.

Alan said: ”Bought this for my daughter as she had seen mine and wanted one as well. She used it in the winter to dry and air clothes when conditions outside were unsuitable weather wise. She is very pleased with it and it’s cheap to run.”

Steph commented: ”I like this a lot. It folds down to the size of a normal non-heated airer. It heats up quickly but not so hot that if you touch it you’ll burn yourself instantly. Does the job.”

JC also added: ”Great solution to wet weather drying issues. Easy to ensemble and once folded back fown, easy to store.”

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