Amazon’s handheld fan is ‘excellent for festivals’ and ‘very powerful’

With the UK’s tropical weather continuing, it’s essential to stay cool, especially when spending a lot of time outdoors.

With many Brits preparing for festival season, it’s key to take items to help stay cool and comfortable when camping.

Although Glastonbury-goers will know that while you can’t take all your home comforts, portable items can help with the long days and hot weather.

An Amazon fan has been racking up praise from reviewers, with some saying it’s proved useful for festivals and nights out.

The fan has different speed settings and is super-compact for carrying around while on the go, however it can be used standing up at home too.

Buy: EasyAcc Mini Handheld Fan (£14.99)

The fan is small yet powerful, with efficient blades and the choice of three wind speeds.

The description says it’s as small as phone, and the compact size and lightweight design make it ideal for packing, even with minimal space.

It comes with a lanyard so it can be worn around the neck or on the wrist, plus the stand also allows it to be used as a desk fan.

Prepping for a festival or outdoor event can often be a last-minute affair with unpredictable British weather, but luckily Prime members don’t need to plan ahead, as they can get the fan and other essentials delivered the next day – plus those who aren’t yet members can sign up to a 30-day free trial.

The USB-charged gadget should last for hours, and some shoppers even comment on how the fan just ‘lasts and lasts’.

Timothy Turner said: ”I was so surprised that a battery fan could be so good. It’s so powerful, and it lasts for ages. I am so pleased that I bought the product, I have recommended it to friends and family. It just lasts and lasts on a single charge.”

Miss J L Tim commented: ”Excellent little fan for festivals and dance nights out! Fits in my bag or round my wrist. Great battery life. Only charge it when it runs out to get great battery life. Only flaw is it doesn’t bend but doesn’t hinder it’s use…perfect. Match with your outfit!!!”

Myss B added: ”The 3 speed settings is perfect. Fits nicely in my clutch bags, new essential for a night out.”

MrsI also said: ”This fan is fantastic, I highly recommend. It is small but very powerful. My husband uses it every night and the battery lasts a long time.”

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