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Andrea Bocelli has been incredibly busy over the last couple of months, travelling around the world and promoting his new album A Family Christmas. For the first time, the Italian maestro’s new record features his 25-year-old son Matteo Bocelli and 10-year-old daughter Virginia Bocelli singing alongside their father as a trio. Now the 64-year-old has released a special live performance of Joy To The World, a carol he believes “sums up the revolutionary message at the heart of Christianity: ‘The Lord is come’. This is the true meaning of Holy Christmas, the beautiful good news that we celebrate.”

Recorded earlier in the month, the Bocelli family sang live with the Young People’s Chorus of New York City, inside the Oculus at New York’s World Trade Centre. Originally broadcast by CBS Sunday Morning, both Matteo and Virginia showed off their vocal skills proving they certainly have inherited their father’s talent for singing. caught up with the trio this December where we discovered that the 10-year-old rising star doesn’t take any singing lessons, but grew up on a diet of bread and music. Her father said: “She has been studying the piano for three years and has been absorbing the art and sounds since she was born.” Asked if she found singing fun, Virginia confessed that she struggles with nerves. 

Virginia told us: “The first times I sang live, I was actually very scared but after a few times you start to get more comfortable. I started to get anxious again, singing Over The Rainbow… It could go any way, really good or really bad. If you duo well, after a few times you start calming yourself down, like ‘Ok, every other time I did good.’ It’s a learning experience.”

Her brother Matteo confessed that touring can be tough and chaotic for the family during their busy lives.

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Keeping with the festive theme of the album, Virginia shared the best Christmas gift she’s ever received. The 10-year-old said: “When I was little I was still learning that my dad was an opera singer. The day I discovered my dad loved Pavarotti I asked Santa for a Christmas ball with Pavarotti’s face on it. It arrived as a snow globe. That was so funny.”

A Family Christmas is out now.

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