Mumsnet row on when Christmas decorations must come down rages

The classic debate about when to take down the Christmas decorations continues to rage.

Some parents have argued the festive items should be removed as early as Boxing Day but others have claimed the 12 Days of Christmas must always be observed.

A mother reignited the row by creating a Mumsnet post, in which she wrote on Boxing Day: “I usually last until New year’s Eve, but I think this year has felt really unchristmassy and I want everything taken down now.

“I will keep it up for the kids but does anyone else just want it all put away?”

But, as Coventry Live reports, the majority argued the decorations must remain until the new year.

“2nd of January here,” one parent posted.

Another stated: “2nd January. We’re all back to work on the 3rd, so I want it done by then.”

Several suggested “Twelfth Night” was the time to take the tree down, including one user who wrote: “Twelfth Night, so 5th January. Ours always go up late though – tree only decorated on the 19th this year.”

Some suggested they would be taking their Christmas decorations down this week though.

One person wrote: “Ours are half down, we’re going away for New Year tomorrow (December 27) and I don’t want to get back in January and still have them up.”

Another said: “I’ve been out today, already seen a few xmas trees by the bins.”

A third wrote: “Mine have been up since the first, they will be taken down tomorrow (December 27), I don’t like them up at new year.”

The original twelve days of Christmas were a series of religious feast days celebrated as part of the Roman Catholic religion in medieval and Tudor England.

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