‘Anti-ageing’ face massage ‘will surprise you’ – combat lines using just your fingers

Anti-ageing trends have exploded on TikTok, but according to skincare expert Ava, you don’t need “fancy tools” to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. Ava, who created the skincare trend known as “Jelloskin”, shares videos on TikTok and Youtube where she boasts an audience of 1.6M and 237K followers respectively.

In a video shared on her @glowwithava TikTok page, Ava showed how to smooth away laughter lines, and eye and forehead wrinkles using just your fingers. “When you don’t have a fancy tool, fingers are your best friend,” she said.

According to the skincare guru, applying gentle pressure from your fingertips in five key areas can help exercise the face and release tension.

Ava recommends massaging your face as part of your skincare routine either in the morning or just before bed. “When I am doing my anti-ageing massage these are the five points I like to focus on,” she explained.

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“I always start from the bottom right next to your lips and you just want to lift in upwards motions,” continued Ava, repeatedly gliding her fingers from the corners of her mouth up towards the sides of her eyes.

“Do this exercise, five sides for each point. And you want to make sure you have a really good grip, so make sure you have serum and moisturiser underneath.”

The type of serum or moisturiser you use will depend on your skin type, as well as the skincare benefits you are looking for. Next, Ava turns her attention to the laughter lines which typically appear around the outer corners of the mouth and eyes.

“We are doing the laugh lines, [this movement is] also really good for people with allergies,” she explained. “Lift it up like this in gentle motions.”

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Next, it’s time to focus on the skin around the eyes. “Acupressure around your eye to release the tension because we use our eyes so much throughout the day,” said Ava.

To do this, she gently rubs in circular motions on the area between the bridge of the nose and the corner of the eyes. “And then release, don’t tug just gently glide across,” she explained.

The same movement should be practised on the brow bone. “This will surprise you because it feels so nice to glide across your brow bone like this,” she said. “And lastly, of course, glide across your forehead for fine lines.”

After gently massaging the brow bone, she glides her fingers across the forehead from the centre outwards, to smooth any fine lines.

Ava’s video has amassed 88.7K “likes” from followers and has been shared over 5,000 times by TikTok users. Users applauded how quick and easy the technique is, with Tansam saying: “This is so easy to do, thank you.”

Other commenters shared their experience after putting the massage to the test. One user named Rasha wrote: “Mine improved, thanks.” Another commenter, named Mimi said: “Thank you. [It] felt super relaxing.” [SIC]

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