ASDA shopper shares coin ‘life hack’ to save you time at the checkout

An ASDA shopper came across a “life hack” when checking out at her local store which she said she “needed to share” with her followers. Paying with cash at the self-check-out can be time-consuming if you are hoping to use up any spare change you have.

You might typically slot each coin into the machine one by one until you reach your total, however, according to Bethany Jade Hallam, there is a quicker way.

“[I] have a supermarket hack,” she captioned a video posted to her TikTok account @bethanyjade_st. “I love this hack and need to share it.”

In the video, Bethany is at the self-service checkout in ASDA. She begins by slotting her 50p and pound coins through the designated coin slot in the machine.

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However, others have argued against the hack, claiming that it could cause “damage” to the machine. One commenter, who said they worked in Sainsbury’s “for almost six years”, wrote: “This can literally break the machine. Don’t do it.” They added: “This jams them.”

Another TikTok user agreed, writing: “Yeah, please don’t do this guys. I work for the company that maintains checkouts. This won’t work with loads of coins. A sensor kicks in and stops you.”

Despite this, ASDA’s verified social media account requested to share the “hack”, saying: “We love this post!”

Elsewhere on TikTok, a mum showed how she discovered another coin hack while shopping at Tesco. In a video posted to her page @tasha3212, the mum shows how you can double up two 20p coins to trick the trolley release device into thinking there is a £1 coin in there.

Tasha places the two 20p coins together, one on top of the other, and then pushes them into the slot. The trolley can then be seen coming free.

At the end of her shop, she can then return the trolley and the device will release her coins. Tasha said: “When some lady show you this at Tesco. How am I only just learning this?”

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