Astrologer shares Halloween horoscope for each zodiac sign

The day of witches, ghouls, skeletons and pumpkins is almost upon us and the 12 zodiac signs have a lot in store.

Madison Carter, keen astrologer at Astrofame, revealed what each star sign can expect for October 31.

The astrologer said: “Each of the 12 zodiac signs has a different level of appreciation of Halloween, and some get way more into it than others. This scary event is definitely going to be one to remember, so check out your horoscope predictions to find out why.

“Your spooky horoscope reveals exactly what you can expect for this chillingly scary holiday. Here’s a heads-up, some lucky personalities will have a night full of ghoulish fun and others will have one to forget!”

Halloween falls in the middle of Scorpio season so this sign is expected to step out in “the best costume ever”.


The astrologer told Aries to “expect some real spookiness”. This sign loves Halloween and always puts on a fabulous celebration for it. However they can get a little stressed out planning their Halloween party. Aries just needs to relax and enjoy the planning – Halloween is about being spooky after all, not stressed.


Taurus is set to have a great Halloween but this nervous sign tends to let other people’s negative energy get them down. Taurus should concentrate on having fun but be aware that they might need to compromise in order to have the best evening possible.


Gemini is a “prankster” at heart and will likely spend Halloween playing tricks on their loved ones. Family and friends of this sign should keep their wits about them!


Cancer loves a party but might not be totally feeling it this year. Don’t be surprised if your Cancer friends decide to stay home last minute, swapping celebrations for a cosy night in. If they do go out, Cancer will relish spending quality time with their family.


The astrologer told Leo that love is on the cards this Halloween. Boo’d up Leos will have a day “full of love and tenderness”, and single Leos might meet their perfect match.


The astrologer told Libra to be aware of bad vibes on this spooky day. She warned them that they “will be able to cut the tension with a knife”, but their brilliant mediation skills will come in handy to diffuse any uncomfortable situations.


Halloween falls in Scorpio season so it’s no surprise that this sign will have a wild night. The astrologer warned: “Halloween is Scorpio’s favorite holiday, but this year something looks to have thrown you off course – you will be more focused on picking fights and creating drama than having fun.” This “dramatic” sign needs to keep their temper in check and focus on partying.


Sagittarius needs to “let their hair down”, according to the astrologer. This sign looks forward to Halloween all year, so their spook-tacular plans will be a great opportunity to have as much fun as possible.


Capricorn loves Halloween but might cancel plans tonight after “burning the candle at both ends”. This sign might be too tired to celebrate, swapping partying for pumpkin carving.


Aquarius isn’t too bothered about what others think about them so has no problem dressing up and dancing the night away. Aquarius will be boogying all night surrounded by friends.


The astrologer told Pisces that they will have a huge “glow up” this Halloween. This sign will not only look exceptional in their costume, they will come out of Halloween with a “whole new outlook on life”, plus “amazing confidence” – go Pisces!

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