Beauty expert claims ‘magic’ serum ‘smooths wrinkles’ in four weeks

Signs of ageing creep up, and with so many beauty products, it can be hard to know which ones to add to your skincare routine. spoke exclusively to Tiffany Salmon, Founder of Scientia Beauty about the main signs of ageing and how to combat them.

She said: “There are a few different ways to identify mature skin, fine lines and wrinkles are an obvious one, pigmentation and age spots another, or even skin just looking duller, drier and finer than usual.

“The signs of ageing are pretty much the same – fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots, dull, dry and fine looking skin.”

But women shouldn’t wait until they are in their 30s, 40s or older to start using anti-ageing beauty products.

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Tiffany explained: “I always say [start using anti-ageing products] by your mid 20’s, this is because by this age your body is breaking down collagen faster than your body can replace it.

“Collagen is one of the things that keep your skin looking plump, youthful and healthy, so it’s at this point we want our skincare to start working a little bit harder.”

And apart from a regular skincare routine, “collagen supplements or drinks” can also boost the skin’s supply of collagen. “Simply eating collagen-rich foods as diet [also] plays a large role in the appearance and youthfulness of skin, and that’s my preferred route,” Tiffany added. “Think chicken, fish, egg whites, berries, leafy greens and beans.”

As for how else women can improve their skin, having a skincare routine is important, and Tiffany revealed her recommendations: “If you want to keep things simple – a great cleanser, active packed serum, barrier restoring moisturiser and SPF (for the morning) is perfect.

“For those of you who have a more extensive routine, this is my cheat sheet; Cleanse (double cleanse in the evening, oil based first followed by water-based), tone (I go for hydrating in the AM, exfoliating in the PM), serum (if you’re using multiple apply in order of viscosity starting with the thinnest), moisturise, oil and then finish with SPF in the AM.”

No matter how many skincare products you use, Tiffany says a “really incredible serum” is the must-have product in any beauty regime. “This is where you’re going to really target those skincare concerns and pack your skin with actives to give you those glow-giving results.

“My personal favourite from Scientia changes, however, I’m actually pregnant right now and forgoing any retinol, so the Scientia Plumplex Cell Renewal Serum has been doing all the heavy lifting! It really does it all, helping boost collagen production, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, firming, hydrating, boosting radiance and tackling pigmentation. I can’t live without it!”

As for what Plumplex is, Tiffany described it as “magic in a bottle”. “It’s a cell renewal youth serum, powered by high performing, cell rejuvenating and collagen boosting actives,” she added. Other brands are also available.

“I created this serum to be ‘the one that does it all’ and it really does – think collagen production, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, firming, hydrating, boosting radiance, tackling pigmentation.

“Ingredients wise it’s really packed to the brim with actives, amplified amino-acid peptide solution and a Snap-8™ peptide to help smooth fine lines, plump wrinkles, re-define facial contours and firm. Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid to tackle visible signs of photo damage and ageing.

“A ceramide complex improves skin elasticity and barrier function. Polyglutamic Acid and Glycerin draw water into the skin, deeply hydrating. Bakuchiol, a natural ingredient functions similarly to retinol. All these ingredients together give those really visible results you want to see from your serum.

“Consistency is key, if you’re using Plumplex morning and evening you should expect to see visible results in four weeks,” she revealed.

Plumplex has been given a 4.6 out of five-star review online with recent customers claiming they “can see a difference in just a week”. Another said their “skin is clearer and smoother”, while a third said their skin is “definitely more radiant”.

Scientia Plumplex Cell Renewal Serum is £34 and available to buy direct.

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