Beauty experts anti ageing makeup hack ‘will blow your mind’

A surgical face lift is one way to look younger but with the right techniques, the results are easy to mimic at home.

And according to one TikTok beauty star known as Meagan Menopause (@meaganonline), all that’s needed is a few makeup products.

They don’t have to be expensive either, in fact, the main tool is a creamy concealer that’s a few shades lighter than one’s skin tone.

In a video posted on the social media app, Meagan said: “This anti-ageing makeup hack is going to blow your mind. So we’re going to play with the placement of concealer.

“We’re bringing light to the face in mature places. Listen ladies if you’re over 35 we are working against gravity here.”

Meagan’s first step was to place concealer in the “sin line”, which is the crease that channels from below her nose and around her mouth.

She then added a small dash of concealer below her lower lip and above the arch of her eyebrow. Around the eyes, the beauty expert added a small amount underneath the inner corner of her eye and some swiped upwards on the outer corner to lift the face.

Once the product was placed in the high points of her bone structure, she blended it out with a small, damp beauty sponge to keep it all in place.

Instantly, Meagan’s face looked brighter and more awake. To complete the look, the TikTok star went in with a warm brown contouring product which she dotted on top of her cheekbones, then under the jaw and around the chin.

Once blended, she took a creamy blush stick to dot on her cheeks. Meagan said: “For the blush your perfect placement for lifting is going to be to put your thumb and index finger to your ear to make an L-shape – there’s your shape right there.”

After patting the pink pigment into her skin, she added a few small dots of sheer foundation over the top of her whole face and blended it out.

To finish, the beauty expert patted a liquid highlighter over all the points where she first applied concealer, stating: “Do you see this glow? 15 years off my face – not 10, 15.”

Meagan’s beauty hack demonstrates a technique known as “underpainting” which works by highlighting and contouring sections of the face before applying a layer of foundation.

The method is expert-approved by countless makeup artists on social media and was a hit with the TikTok star’s followers too.

One person who followed the tutorial commented: “Wow. Very pleased with my results! Thank you!”

Another said: “Love underpainting! It’s the only way I put makeup on now!” A third opined: “Omg. You look amazing.”

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