Charlene and Albert’s ‘awkward’ kiss is ‘much less toxic’ than Charles and Diana’s – claim

Princess Charlene, 44, and Prince Albert of Monaco, 64, celebrated the 10th Anniversary Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation on Tuesday, and the couple posted pictures on their Instagram looking incredibly close. In one picture, Albert was kissing his wife on the cheek.

Charlene and Albert have been married since 2011, but rarely show deep affection in public. In the Instagram pictures, Charlene could be seen smiling into the camera while Albert is kissing her cheek.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to to analyse the body language between Charlene and Albert.

She claimed: “There does seem to be an equal desire to show fondness in public from this couple and Prince Albert in particular looks determined to register affection and bonding between himself and his wife.

“Charlene’s body language suggests raised levels of confidence here and she looks happier and more comfortable being in the spotlight than she has recently, taking an active role while Albert watches supportively.”

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According to Judi, Charlene and Albert’s “PDA”, which stands for “public display of affection”, was awkward for a key reason.

She explained: “What happened with the PDA though? Albert seems to have pulled his wife in for a fond cheek kiss but Charlene has turned her head towards the camera, making the gesture look rather awkward.”

Judi drew comparisons between this photograph and the “infamous” one of the late Diana, Princess of Wales and then-Prince Charles back in 1992. 

At a polo match which Charles won, his then-wife Diana approached him to hand him his trophy. But when Charles lent in for a kiss, Diana turned her head away, which was a key signal at the time their marriage was in danger of ending.

That same year, Charles and Diana separated and they later divorced in 1996.

However, Judi argues that Charlene and Albert’s photograph only looks similar to Charles and Diana’s “on the surface” and does not suggest a similar reality of the marriage of the Monaco royals.

She opined: “On the surface, it appears reminiscent of the infamous miss-kiss on the cheek between Charles and Diana when Diana turned her head away just as Charles went to plant a kiss on her cheek at polo.

“That moment looked like a very obvious signal of rejection, but this one could be much less toxic.

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“Charlene has turned her head toward the cameras, making this look like a bestowed kiss from Albert, to show how proud he is of his wife.”

According to Judi, Charlene’s body language was the opposite of Princess Diana’s.

She suggested: “Charlene’s smile looks bashful but pleasantly accepting, rather than the face-scrunching that went on between Charles and Diana.”

Charlene and Albert took to Instagram with their beautiful posts celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Princess’ foundation.

They captioned the post saying: “This Wednesday, December 14, Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Princess Charlene Foundation of Monaco.

“They inaugurated the new offices in the presence of S.A.S. Princess Stephanie of M. Gareth Wittstock, General Secretary of the Foundation and many other personalities, partners and friends.

“For the past 10 years, the Foundation has been supporting and financing educational projects internationally through Swim Lessons, Water Safety and Education programs through sport values.

“More than a million people have benefited from the Princess Charlène Foundation’s programs in 43 countries.”

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