Chinese horoscope 2023: Dog should beware of ‘rotten romances full of pretence’


Those who fall under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog will be born in one of the following years: 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 or 2030. According to astrology, what can this sign expect from the upcoming 12 months?

In 2023 there’s a lot in store for Dog, and the stars predict there will be “ups and downs”.

This sign’s luck in health and wealth might steadily decline, so they must pay closer attention to this in the next 12 months.

As for work and love, Dog must look to be “down to earth” for some “smoother prospects” this year.

What does Dog’s year look life in love, health, career and wealth?

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Dog, your love like is set to have an “upward trend” in 2023, so look forward to romance.

Your relational life will be “very rich” this year, whether you are currently single or attached.

Single Dogs will make a lot of friends this year, and one of these may very well be a match.

However, be careful of their intentions from the get go, to secure an honest relationship rather than a “rotten romance full of pretence and self-deception”.

As for married Dogs, expect a “sweeter and sweeter” dynamic to develop throughout 2023.

But make sure you steer clear of members of the opposite sex, and “let flirting be far from you”.

“You should maintain boundaries and clearly inform them that you have a family, so as not to let them have bad ideas.”



Sadly, Dog’s health is not looking as positive as their romantic life this year, and this sign can expect a “downward trend”, according to astrology.

Those with a poor constitution should pay special attention to their health in 2023.

The stars also predict that Dog will “often feel unhappy because of trivial things this year”.

To avoid a bout of depression, Dog must look to resolve this quickly, perhaps by inviting friends round during particularly low moods.

Steer clear of trouble by refusing to gossip or get involved in other peoples’ disputes.

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Work wise, Dog can expect some “twists and turns” in your career fortune.

“You will be caught up in an argument about right and wrong because of some misunderstandings, and your career development will be affected.”

It’s best for this sign to “live in harmony” with their colleagues, and maintain healthy, happy relationships.

Dogs starting a business in 2023 may face challenges and “turbulence” – make sure you choose your partners wisely.


Because Dog isn’t so lucky in their career this year they might see their income become a little unstable.

Those looking for a promotion or salary increase should work extra hard, investing in the right workplace relationships.

There may be some “villains” whispering about you behind your back, but don’t pay attention to this.

“Do not let those things affect your own work efficiency, and soon the rumours and idle chatter will be self-defeating and fade away,” predicted China Highlights.


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