Chinese New Year 2023: What does the zodiac Year of the Rabbit bring?

What will the Chinese New Year mean this year? The animals of the Zodiac are said to influence the feel and the happenings of the year. Joe Moody is a content creator who specialises in Qigong. He took to his TikTok to share his insights on what the new year will bring.

He explained: “Each year in the Chinese astrology system is yang or yin. Yang years are more active and aggressive while yin years are more restful and peaceful. We just completed the only three-year span of Yang energies, which could bring great relief as we enter a more calm Yin year.”

So what did Joe suggest the New Year will bring? He said: “Here is what the ancient masters predicted for 2023 thousands of years ago. They came up with the 12-animal system, an animal for each year, and it goes in a cycle.

We are finally completing a treacherous three-year Yang cycle. It began with the Rat, which coincided with the outbreak of Corona and it just kept on going through the year of the Ox and now here we are finishing up the Year of the Tiger.

“And we’ve seen those Tiger energies play out good and bad in many ways. But guess what animal is coming for 2023? None other than the cuddly cosy rabbit.

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“The rabbit is considered a Yin animal. So things are going to hopefully finally calm down. People are going to be happier, more at peace with things as they are, and move more toward acceptance in general.

“The Rabbit is known to be quiet, gentle, and elegant. Also alert and very quick. Skillful, kind, patient and responsible are the other beautiful traits of the rabbit.”

The year of the Rabbit is associated with the moon and “pure” characteristics. Those born in the Year of the Rabbit have similar associations.

Previous Rabbit years are 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011. Those born in these years are supposed to be kind, but with hidden confidence and strength. They can find it hard to open up, but they make good academics.

The Chinese zodiac is based on the lunar calendar. It stems from the origin story of the great race. The ancient story claims the Jade Emperor challenged the animals to race across a river and would name the years on the calendar in order of who arrived first.

The rat used cunning to arrive first, by riding across on the back of an Ox with the cat, but pushing the cat in before they reached shore, the rat then rushed to the Emporer and was declared the winner, followed by the ox.

Then came the tiger, who struggled with the tide, and then the rabbit, who crossed the river jumping from stone to stone and holding onto a floating log.

Fifth was the dragon, which stopped to help both the people by bringing rain and the rabbit, by blowing it safely to shore while holding onto the floating log.

The snake came sixth, riding on the hoof of the horse, who came seventh. The goat, money, and rooster worked together to create a raft and came in eighth, ninth, and 10th. The dog came 11th because it was distracted by playing in the water, and the pig came last people it stopped for a snack and a nap.

The cat drowned in the river, failing to make its place in the Zodiac. This is why cats hate water and make it their life’s mission to kill rats, according to the legend.

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