Christmas Day: What Britons hate about hosting friends and relatives today

Christmas is a time when we tend to see our family and friends more than ever. But according to research by Argos, most of us actually dread the social interaction.

Argos conducted some research of over 2,000 Britons and discovered the nation’s festive pet peeves when it comes to company.

For those of you having people over for dinner today, your relatives and friends will certainly be grateful.

However, a whopping 87 percent of Britons admitted they are secretly relieved when everyone clears off at the end of the day.

According to the data, some of us absolutely hate hosting people for Christmas – and would sooner give birth than have guests.

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One out of 10 Britons surveyed would rather birth a baby than have friends and family over for the big day.

Perhaps this is because the host or hostess feels immense pressure to get everything right, from presents to parsnips, turkey to trimmings.

Indeed, 78 percent of us feel stressed about being the perfect Christmas host.

In a similar vein, 43 percent of those polled said that not getting the food out on time drives them crazy.


Almost all Christmas Day hosts are happy to see the back of their yuletide guests.

A whopping 87 percent of Britons surveyed are delighted when their guests leave and they can relax.

Unfortunately, cooking for the whole family can mean lots of washing up, particularly when kids are involved, so kicking back might be a little short lived.

Argos revealed that 32 percent of people are annoyed that they have a mountain of washing up to tackle alone when everyone leaves.

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This is why a further 37 percent hate it when parents let their kids roam freely and snoop around the house.

Just under 20 percent of us dislike when guests ask for the Wi-Fi password as they arrive.

For 34 percent of Britons, guests raiding the fridge without asking is the worst thing they can do.

If you’re heading to someone else for Christmas dinner today, 58 percent of hosts would appreciate a token of thanks for hosting, such as a bottle of alcohol.

And even more want you to take the baton next Christmas, with 89 percent revealing they expect somebody else to host next year.

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