Defiant mum hits back against critics who say her baby’s very unique name ‘won’t age well’

A mum has taken to TikTok to hit back at people who criticise her baby’s name. Calyn Breann, who posts to the account @calynbreann, shared a video of herself and her baby.

She added the caption, presumably a comment she has received: “You should have named him something different, his name won’t age well.”

However, the mum, from Orange County, California, hit back by pretending to play a tiny violin before saying: “I love my baby Coast!!!!!”

Coast is a unisex name denoting the land near the sea. It has been becoming more and more popular since 2020. Most of Calyn commenters seem to love the name. Lilly Baird said: “Coast is such a good name!”

Another said, “Grandpa Coast, sounds fine to me” while user Scotty added, “Great name! People need to get over it, no different than River or Brooklyn.”

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Some shared their own unique baby names. Kaleigh Neal said: “I have a Wilder and a Wrecker!” Micah Ann Kimrey wrote: “I have a Coast Wilder that will be three in March and everyone loves his name!!!”

Emily Cunningham said: “My kid has a friend named Coast and he has a sister named Scotia. And a brother named Nova. We live in Nova Scotia.”

Kera Simpson and: “Wait Coast is actually really cute.” Cheyenne King said: “Coast is so unique. I’ve never heard anyone be called that before so I think it’s a very good name.”

One wrote: “‘I really love the name too. I like names that aren’t run-of-the-mill. A unique name is definitely not so bad.”

“I think the goal should be for him to love his name,” another said.

Another wrote: “I personally don’t like the name, but it’s your child, and as someone who gave their child a unique name, who am I to judge?”

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Another mum shared how she cried every day for the first six months of her son’s life because of his name. Mairéad is a content creator and parenting influencer who shares the details of her life on her TikTok account, @thesteveos.

She told followers she picked a different name for her son than her favourite because a friend had already chosen her preferred name.

She said: “My husband and I became so paranoid that if we used that name, they would think we were copying them. So we settled on a common name that nobody else had used.

“For the first six months, I think I cried almost daily over my decision, I regretted it so much. I just didn’t think he suited that name. We didn’t even get a congratulations from the family that we were so scared of copying.”

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