Dog rescued from dumping ground ‘so happy’ after rescuers find her new home


A woman has shared her inspiring rescue story after saving an abandoned pitbull from the dumping found where it was left to fend for itself.

The rescue efforts were captured in a clip shared with the Dodo that shows the dog roaming the derelict area before being coaxed to safety.

Judy, the woman who spotted the lonesome pup while passing through a renowned hot stop for abandoned animals, claims that she waited 45 minutes to see if anyone in the vicinity would come for the dog.  

She told the Dodo: “Harley was rescued from a bad area where sadly dogs are abandoned. 

“It’s an area part of my routine searches, and it’s just something that I don’t think I’ll ever stop so I can continue to save dogs like Harley. 

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“So that when I put her in the back of the truck. And the next thing I know she’s snoring. She fell asleep.”

A subsequent clip filmed just months after the rescue, showed the dog looking visibly happier as she ran around the snow at her new home.

“To see her running in that snow, the first thought that came to mind is that she was not running from somebody who was trying to hurt her,” noted the rescuer.

“She went to one adoption event and after that, we were contacted that they were interested in adopting her.”

Judy continued: “It’s beyond amazing to see her so happy and she’s gonna continue to thrive in her forever home.”

“Harley was spotted in a very bad area, so you compare that to where she is now, this is what keeps me going as well, and that is what I wish for every animal.”

Despite the introduction of heavy penalties for anyone found guilty of pet abandonment, rates continue to rise around the globe.

Anyone convicted of neglect by failing to provide their dog with adequate shelter, water or care, can face severe repercussions and possible jail time.

Yet, ASPCA states that approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter animal shelters around the country every year.

Dogs continue to be the most popular pets in the country, according to the American Pet Products Association, with more than 65.1 million households owning at least one canine.


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