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Adjust radiators

Some radiators have rotating dials, called Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs), which give more control over the heating in a room, but many are unsure of how to use them.

According to Mr Buckley, TRVs should be set to the temperature the person would like a room to be, and the dial can then control the amount of hot water that flows into the radiators.

He said: “If your room heats to the desired temperature, the TRVs will stop water flowing into the radiator, preserving gas. You can set these to the right temperature in different rooms – living areas should be at the highest heat, then bedrooms, with temperatures kept lower in spare rooms.”

Turn down the boiler flow temperature

According to Mr Buckley, if the boiler’s flow temperature, which refers to the water that leaves the boiler to go to the radiators, is set too high, it will run inefficiently.

He said that simply “correcting” the temperature can save a household between “eight percent to 12 percent” on gas bills.

Experts at the Underfloor Heating Store said: “We’d encourage homeowners to get their boilers to a temperature where they can condense water. At 60C, your boiler is more readily able to condense water vapour and recover latent heat from this vapourisation, which would otherwise have been lost up the flue.


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