‘Gorgeous’ Aldi shoppers can get extra large candles for £59 cheaper than White Company

Scenting a home with a candle is the easiest way to transform any space. Aldi shoppers love this extra large candle for its beautiful scent and its now discounted to its cheapest ever price.

Aldi’s known for its excellent bargains and has slashed the prices of Specialbuys down with its winter sale.

Shoppers have noticed that one of its bestselling items is now reduced to less than £6 and is the perfect winter uplifter.

Available online only, Aldi shoppers can now buy extra large candles for only £5.99, which is down from £8.99.

In contrast, it’s a whopping £59 cheaper than the large candles from The White Company which are currently £65 for a similar size.

There are three scents to pick from; Honey, Plum & Tonka, Tuberose & Cashmere and Pepper & Rose – but be quick as its selling out fast.

The candles come in a luxurious glass base and have three wicks for extra long burning time.

Perfect on a coffee table or in the living room, each candle is 700g and exudes a strong aroma around the home.

With over 230 glowing reviews, some 79 percent of Aldi shoppers would recommend this candle to a friend.

DizzyD said: “Great candle, gorgeous smell.”

JBlakely agreed: “It fills the whole room with an amazing scent that’s pleasing to all i.e. not too sickly rose for the guys!”

Michelle from Manchester also added: “This candle looks lovely and smells amazing – I will definitely be buying again. Much bigger than the standard ones and great value for money.”

Elle wrote: “I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the candle, much bigger than looks.”

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