Hair loss: ‘Effective’ natural item ‘improves hair growth’ and is key for healthy scalp


Losing hair is normal with most people losing between 50 to 100 hairs each day without realising it.

However, excess hair loss could be a sign of a medical condition, extreme stress, genetics or something else.

Social media and blogs are filled with solutions for promoting hair growth and minimising hair loss.

However, some solutions people suggest don’t work when you start looking at clinical studies and peer-reviewed sources.

Luckily, one study of geranium extract suggested that using the natural solution promotes significant hair growth in mice.

In 2017, lab and biological results of using geranium sibiricum extract on hair follicles in mice and human hair cells found that geranium extract was more effective than an FDA-approved treatment for hair loss.

Certified aromatherapist Caroline Schroeder told Well + Good that essential oils are an “effective choice to improve hair growth”.

She said essential oils like geranium oil are extracted from aromatic plant parts and can benefit a person’s health physically and emotionally.

Caroline said geranium oil is a great way to improve the health of your hair and your scalp.

She said it can regulate dryness, excess oil and the production of sebum.

The expert added: “To improve hair growth, a healthy scalp is key. Since geranium balances secretions around the hair follicles, it’s an effective agent for hair growth.”

Geranium oil smells more pleasant compared to other hair care remedies. The flower is similar to roses and smells fragrant just like the plant.

To use geranium oil on hair, put a drop in your shampoo and massage it into the scalp before washing hair as normal.

This can be applied several times a week for healthy hair and a happy scalp.

Geranium oil can be found online or in beauty stores. Natural Planet Geranium Essential Oil costs £7.90 from Amazon, £3.99 from Nikura and £15 from Neal’s Yard Remedies.


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