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Over the last 20 years, Warner Bros’ Wizarding World movie franchise has grossed almost $10 billion worldwide. However, following the eight Harry Potter movies based on JK Rowling’s best-selling books, the Fantastic Beasts prequel films she penned since have not garnered the same success. Now over a decade on since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released and a new report claims that the studio is ready to reboot the original set of films much earlier than fans had initially anticipated.

Back in November Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav pointed out how profitable the original Harry Potter movies had been for the studio and how he plans to focus on franchises in the future. 

Now, known leaker WDW Pro has tweeted: “Exclusive Leak: WBD is reportedly looking to reboot the Harry Potter film franchise, including recasting, in the next 3-5 years. We will release some details of how I became aware of this information, presented by a source, on the @ValliantRenegad channel tomorrow morning.” Take it with a pinch of salt, but here’s what was said there.

WDW Pro continued: “The way that they reboot this franchise does not have to be your standard fare reboot, where we go back to the origin of the character we’ve already had an adventure with. There are many different ways they could do that and we’re not here to tell you that we know what is yet. They’re not even close, I would think, to being at that point. In fact, according to the source they don’t have sort of the James Gunn [new co-head of DC Studios] individual yet in charge of this. That’s part of what they’re aiming for.”

The pair then went on to discuss why Warner Bros would be rebooting, especially after the disappointing box office of the most recent Fantastic Beasts films in comparison to the Daniel Radcliffe-led originals.

Valliant Renegade claimed: “They feel like perhaps the original Harry Potter fandom is kind of aging out and they want to revitalise or refresh this, or make something new to drive new audiences to theaters.”

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WD Pro added: “From the standpoint of the OG stuff, the core Harry Potter stuff, I mean it’s a dormant franchise, and that’s particularly why we are being told that in the next three to five years they are looking to reboot this thing. Because all the other stuff inside this Potter universe, inside of this Wizarding division at Warner Bros Discovery, it’s not taking off the way that they need to in order to sustain the franchise. And they have far too much invested in the franchise for it to become dormant or secondary. They want it to be a very strong evergreen property. And by that we mean it’s selling all the time, that it’s always the top of mind of consumers. And because they have not been able to get the other stuff, these sort of secondary things off the ground and gain that momentum that they had with the originals, the thinking that they have is that it’s time for Hollywood to get over this fear of recasting and so they’re ready to do that.”


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