Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for April 4



You’re needed at work, at home and in other places. Sometimes you won’t know whether you are coming or going. Despite what others seem to think, you can’t be in two places at once. Some people need to respect this. You have half a mind to tell everyone to manage without you.


You and a partner should not feel you are growing apart just because your interests are changing. Neither of you want this relationship to end. You need to sit down and discuss how you can grow together. Ask questions. Try to understand what they need from you and don’t forget to discuss what you need from them.


It may be a legal agreement, custody battle or a past financial arrangement that keeps you tied to someone who you no longer get on well with. You’re tired of them acting as if they never did anything wrong and accusing you of causing the problems. Refuse to react when they lash out at you today.


You have got to a place where saying no is becoming slowly easier. Establishing boundaries in work and personal relationships is much better than it was a few months ago. Not everyone will like what you say or how you do things but that’s okay and you are fine with it.


You feel there is a better solution to the problems a team faces now but no-one is listening and this will annoy you. What is eventually agreed on will not be your idea. Even so, you have to go along with the majority. Try to accept whatever is going on even if you disagree with it.


You will see a side to someone they have never shown to you before and this is going to make you wonder how often they have deceived you in the past. You’re reluctant to reveal what you are thinking but get your thoughts and feelings out into the open. They are important.


Be wary about an offer you receive early in the day. It is unlikely to be as exciting or as profitable as it is made out to be. If someone is being too pushy, walk away. They are trying to pull the wool over your eyes, so keep one step ahead of them. Career news a partner has to share is worth celebrating.


If you are feeling below par it does not make any sense to keep pushing yourself further. Take care of your health. It will be hard to get someone to understand you aren’t sulking when all you really want is a little peace and privacy.


A need to be active will make it unlikely that you will be staying anywhere for very long. Vary your activities throughout the day. If you have no plans to move or make changes, getting away from familiar places will still appeal. Taking on a challenge will make you feel good.


Your interest in a group activity is starting to wane. Even so you have put a lot of effort into this so far and you don’t want this to be in vain so you will persevere. Upsets and disagreements can be avoided if people showed more respect for each other’s views and opinions.


Even the most experienced people in the workplace can get it wrong and just as you thought, new methods and procedures won’t be as easy as someone thought they would be. If you’re working on a difficult task, you will need to ignore distractions around you to keep your mind on the job.


Even if you don’t feel like mixing, you could be given a useful tip at a social gathering. our partner or best friend expects you to go along with their ideas. Be flexible. This could be fun. The evening brings a pleasant surprise.


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