Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for December 11



You’ve been trying to please someone who likes to keep life happy and harmonious. This has meant ignoring issues that need to be resolved. Today you might decide it is time to wake up those sleeping dogs you’ve left lying. This will break a relationship out of a rut.


The way a housemate is spending cash, you would think they are picking coins sprouting on branches of money trees. Someone needs to be reminded that money does not grow on trees and persuaded into delaying making a major purchase.


Be ready to take advantage of any opportunity that might give you a chance to make some much needed changes in your life. Even if you have already set long-term goals, the road ahead could take a surprising turn. Your future will look more interesting as you embrace new possibilities.


Don’t feel guilty about pushing responsibilities to one side for a short while. You need to unwind and even to have a little fun. Spend time with someone special who has been feeling neglected. Put on your dancing shoes and party the night away.


Anything involving other people might feel like a waste of time. Whether it is bickering between friends or differing opinions, there’s always something preventing you from getting ahead. If your heart isn’t in it, you might prefer to go off on your own and get on with something alone.


Your thoughts are going round in circles as you keep analysing issues that can’t be easily solved. You need to step back and push those worries and concerns you are starting to become obsessed with, aside. Let someone else take over responsibilities that are leaving you exhausted.


Think twice or even three times before taking up an offer that means more involvement in a community project. Soon you will have a few more personal interests on the go and there won’t be room in your life to fit it all in.


Do your best to keep relationships harmonious. One way to avoid contention is to go with the flow. You’re ready to relax and do as little as possible. It will be a relief to be able to rebuild your stores of energy without any objections from others.


You were serious about commitments you have taken on but what you did not expect is how the road takes a surprising turn. This does not mean you can’t fulfil your obligations, you will just be doing so in a different way. The future is starting to look more interesting.


Comments or views expressed within the family may be contrary to your own beliefs or feelings. Normally you would stay in the background and keep your thoughts to yourself. Today, there are issues you feel so strongly about that you won’t be happy until you voice your views.


A neighbour will irritate you with their nonsensical talk although this won’t surprise you as they rarely have anything sensible to say about anything. Someone in the family will try to take advantage of your kind nature. Since you have nothing else to do you won’t mind giving into them.


Depleting yourself by giving so much to others is generous but this is also leaving you vulnerable. Pause and turn your mind inwards. How much do you give to yourself? Is it time to replenish your reserves? You can’t keep on giving when there is nothing left to give.


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