Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for December 23


You may not feel like it but it would be better to tackle problems to do with legal, money and business matters as they arise. Your judgement is good and you will be making informed decisions. You can trust a senior colleague when they say you can rely on them to keep a secret.


Someone will make you a timely offer and this could help resolve a difficult situation you unexpectedly find yourself in. An older relative is not keen on facing the truth but you see the importance of dealing with this matter and you will be frank about your observations.


Some time alone would be welcomed. You have a few things to think about and that isn’t easy to do when there are so many conversations and distractions happening all around you. A quiet friend will give you some helpful advice.


If something puzzles you, stand back for a short while and observe what is going on. Don’t ignore your instincts. It may not be immediately apparent but you are sensing something which has not yet been brought out into the open.


There’s hardly a moment to call your own and there’s a lot of gossip in the air. Much of this will keep you happily occupied and occasionally amused. It will come as a surprise that a neighbour believes a rumour to be true whereas you aren’t so gullible.


Hard work will bring its just rewards. Although business matters bring a degree of confusion as well as being able to settle this swiftly you will also find a way to get results. Whatever you attempt, you will achieve. Success is yours for the taking.


Someone who is all take and who gives very little will take advantage of your kindness. You are starting to resent their attitude towards you. This is a friend you could well do without. At home, there’s unlikely to be any peace until you give in to a younger relative.


Some form of test or interview that’s coming up in the near future preys on your mind. Instead of worrying about it, prepare yourself. Knowing you’ve done all you can to boost your prospects of succeeding will reduce anxiety. An evening social event will be special in some way.


The more you think about a social or travel invitation the more the idea will appeal. It may be necessary for you to have to cancel other arrangements to fit it in but if this is something you really want to do, it would be a shame to turn the offer down.


Family and financial concerns are on your mind as you do your best to keep within the Christmas budget you set for yourself earlier. The solution to a problem that crops up today will be closer than you think and it will take a quick-thinking friend to point this out to you.


Think of the future and the long-term consequences of current commitments. If you agree to take on a colleague’s duties due to absenteeism, be sure to insist that this agreement is a temporary one. You will manage it all even if the situation seems slightly unfair.


You have your sights set on a certain goal and there is no stopping you. You are determined you are going to reach it. Your energy levels are high and you will find it easy to concentrate too. You’re coming up with some great ideas.

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