Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for January 6



You had thought you could rely on a friend to fulfil a promise made for you. It will be disappointing when they haven’t taken this commitment very seriously. You’d hoped for better things from today but someone or something will not meet up to your expectations.


People who normally appreciate your practical assistance are starting to wonder what is keeping you from noticing what is going on. Your mind is in the past and this will cause you to ignore problems now cropping up around you. Someone will want to know what you are thinking about but you won’t want to reveal.


An opportunity to travel may be an unexpected one but it will sound very appealing. Even so, once you’ve had a chance to look at what’s involved including the cost, you might have second thoughts. Money just isn’t flowing in as fast as you would like it to.


There is something you would like to do but it will become quickly apparent that other people have other things on their mind. This doesn’t seem to be the right time to look for support and if you still want to go ahead, you could find yourself on your own.


Do your best to at least appear as if you are being patient with someone who is fumbling with a task you would find easy. If they sense your annoyance or frustration they will get even more nervous. Legal news may at first sound daunting. Speak to a professional who will put it in layman’s terms for you.


A qualification recently gained or a work achievement will put you on the road to career or personal success. You have greater confidence in your abilities. Your ability to remain calm and give practical guidance will come in useful when working with someone with an excitable nature.



The clever observations of a relative or friend will breathe fresh life into an old situation. This could be just what you needed to revive your confidence in a project that you began with enthusiasm. Only recently this has waned and now you can’t wait to get it back on track.


In your social life, working world and family, it doesn’t matter what you are dealing with, honesty will be the best policy. Someone will be asking questions regarding a recent event. An invitation to a small neighbourly get-together will be more fun than you anticipated.


You’re wondering whether you would be better off trying a few new directions. It is good to consider the future but find out more details before taking action. A financial or professional matter seems to have reached a conclusion although this may not be the one you had been hoping for.


Not only are ideas being shared but people are listening to and respecting your views. Your boss or someone in charge of a team effort is actually suggesting some practical ways to reduce everyone’s load. You will be relieved by their intervention when this should help ease the pressure you have been under.


Your natural charm will come in handy in a tense moment when you sense an argument brewing between friends. A meeting later in the day will go better than you had even hoped for. A sensible friend will have some useful advice to offer concerning finances.


Work blends well with pleasure in a strange kind of way. You might be finding ways to use your creative skills in your profession or your professional skills in your private life. A domestic project will be concluded satisfactorily and this will give you one less thing to worry about.


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