Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for October 5



Work and other routines will be slightly tedious but life can’t always be exciting. You will be looking for a new challenge. You are also aware there are responsibilities you can’t get out of now. Start delegating tasks to give yourself more time in the future to do things you love.


Avoid appearing secretive in front of the wrong people. A senior colleague expects answers to questions they are asking you. A cheque, grant or bonus you hoped to have received by now has been delayed. Taking on a second job might help solve a financial quandary.


Use that versatile mind of yours where and when a conventional approach does not work. Being able to tackle jobs in different ways will help you thrive, both in the good times and the bad. Teammates will be happy to leave it to you to come up with the best ideas.


Relaxing within the familiar confines of your family and being with people you feel comfortable with is what you crave most today. Domestic chores will be preferable to anything going on elsewhere when this should bring a welcome relief from public life.


A situation will get emotional. Your inclination will be to walk out. It would be better to talk things over. If after you have said your piece someone remains stubborn and argumentative, you might want to give them a wide berth in the future.


If you put in the effort you will achieve your goals. You’re hard at work but don’t let this stop you from mixing with and talking to others. Are you single? When you find yourself looking forward to being in someone’s company you might admit to yourself they are becoming quite special to you.


There is nothing to stop you from pursuing some lofty ambitions. You’re ready to embark on something big and you are prepared to work exceptionally hard in order to achieve this aim. Your talents aren’t being appreciated fully at the moment but this will change soon.


Legal affairs may not go as well as expected. Before entering into any long-term contract, give some extra attention to the small print. To please someone who is trying to foster a team spirit, it may mean you are going to have to give more than you take.


Get in touch with an old friend who has recently been on your mind. Once you do, be ready for a long chat. You will enjoy taking this chance to re-connect and catch up on each other’s news. Others look to you to take on a leading role in a community venture. You will be taking your civic responsibilities very seriously.


You will soon get a chance to repay a favour. This shows you do not take other people’s kindness for granted. Someone in a high position respects you for your loyalty and hard work. Getting new ideas rolling won’t be easy but persevere. Keep your thoughts positive


Getting a bonus will give your confidence a boost. The absence of money worries will give you a chance to consider more exciting plans for the future. It doesn’t matter whether you are thinking about buying a new car, splashing out on a holiday or improving your home, your more positive outlook will turn the tide in your favour.


Pottering around the house won’t bring you the satisfaction, challenge or mental stimulation you desire. Clearing up routine tasks is not very stimulating. You could do with something that holds a degree of challenge and risk. Obey an impulse to start a bold personal project.


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