Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for October 7



Progress will be made in man areas if you roll up your sleeves and get on with it. Have confidence in your ability to succeed. You and your partner or housemates might decide to indulge in some kind of extravagance. It’s important to balance responsibility with relaxation.


Matters from earlier in the week prey on your mind. You should not be serious all of the time. Allow yourself the luxury of relaxing. If you long to spend precious romantic moments with your one and only, make arrangements now before they commit to other things.


You want someone in the past who has wronged you to see you moving on. You want to prove to them that they aren’t important to you anymore. Even so, don’t let this lead you to make an impulsive decision that may not be right for you. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.


You have energy in abundance. This makes it a great time to start reorganising your life, clearing away clutter and making necessary changes. Not everyone will find it easy to cope with jobs you can do with your eyes closed. In the workplace, guard against giving the impression you are overly confident.


Finding the funny side of situations that disturb or disappoint you will help you cope more easily. Above all, you should not fret, worry or get upset over trivial matters. Some legal red-tape will hinder a financial deal. Patience will be needed.


You are deliberating over whether you should go with a desire to do your own thing or do you go along with other people’s opinions? You will weigh this up very carefully knowing that more freedom would bring you greater happiness but only if you don’t allow this to tip over into eccentricity.


You’ve been spending time studying your own needs and wishes more than usual. It might now be wise to listen and to show some understanding if someone close wants to do something new and different. Try to keep looking on the bright side.


You’re struggling to understand a housemate who is unpredictable and moody. All you can do is keep them at arm’s length until they’ve dealt with whatever it is that’s bothering them. You could do with some time alone to catch up on neglected odds and ends.


Rash words spoken in the heat of an emotional moment could cause problems between you and a partner. Someone close seems overly sensitive. You’re going to have to work hard if you want to keep them happy. You might attack a task with enthusiasm only to find out later that this was completely unnecessary.


Colleagues are in the mood to ignore responsibilities while you are working away like fury. You should not suffer their lazy behaviour in silence. A strange experience bordering on the supernatural will give you and a spiritually-minded friend a lot to talk over.


Once you have finished a difficult task or assignment you will be making it a priority to find a better balance between your private and professional lives. The reason you are starting to long for some peace and tranquillity is because of the demands other people are making on you.


A friend who had said they were busy today will send a message to say there has been a change of plans. This will leave them free to keep you company after all if you are still wanting their company. Finances are improving. It will be a relief to notice your income is slowly rising.


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