How to look younger: Expert shares ‘best’ skincare tips for women in their 20s to 50s


We may think we have our skincare regimes nailed, but according to one skincare professional, women of all ages could be missing a trick in several areas. Leading skin repair expert Lorena Oberg shared her “best things” for a beautiful complexion and body spanning several decades.

Many of us out here love a scalding hot shower, but according to the experts, these should be skipped for those who want perfect skin.

When we think of skincare we usually think of the face, however a shower is skincare for the face and the body.

Paying heed to this tip may not only improve your should leave your body feeling its best – not just your face.

She explained: “Your body has a brilliant way of controlling your temperature and when external factors dramatically change instantly, it sends your body into a frenzy. So avoid a rapid temperature change at home.

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“Don’t have your heating on full blast and avoid excessively hot showers or baths which just dry out your skin – lukewarm water is much less harsh on your skin during the winter.”

With the weather pretty icy in the UK at the minute, Lorena suggested we make some changes to shower time.

She advised: “It is in fact a smart move to cut short your shower or bath in the winter to avoid skin irritation.

“I would also wash at night which is the best time to lock in moisture.


“The evening is the best time to nourish your skin after a bath or shower as your pores are open and are able to absorb the most water to keep your skin hydrated.”

After your nighttime shower, the expert recommended taking special care to tend to the skin.

She stated: “At night as you sleep your body and skin has a magnificent way of naturally repairing itself.

“Whilst your body is resting, it is working overtime to repair the damage caused during the day – essentially your body is attempting to reverse it.”

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To give this process a “helping hand”, Lorena told women to ensure they are “extra vigilant” when it comes to bedtime skincare.

This can look a little different from women who are in their 20s and women who are older than this.

The expert instructed: “In your 20’s, ensure you thoroughly take off all your make up then wash, cleanse and tone as normal, every night.

“A good tip is to wash your face with lukewarm water and avoid rubbing it and simply blot dry.

“Do not forget to let your skin breath before applying moisturiser. Avoid any harsh soaps.”

Of course, women older than their 20s must also ensure they take their makeup off – as tiresome as it may be – to avoid breakouts and dry, dull skin.

Lorena Oberg concluded: “From your 30s and especially in your 50’s, your night routine should be followed with a specially designed skin repair oil or night cream to assist with your skin’s self-restoration.”


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