How to look younger: Expert shares make-up tips to ‘look younger’


“I think another big make-up mistake is neglecting your lips or just applying lip balm or colour on a night out,” she said. “Hydration is really underrated when it comes to your lips but it’s really important to apply a hydrating lip balm every day. This can also aid with blood flow and help your lips look more youthful.

“If you want something that’s a little more low maintenance, semi-permanent lip blushing is a really popular form of semi-permanent makeup that I offer for achieving youthful looking lips that are fuller, defined, and enhanced with pigment.

“It can last anywhere from two to three years with top-ups – results will vary depending on how well you care for your lips, particularly whilst they’re healing.”

Sarah stressed that eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face to look after, in order to maintain a youthful look. She said that overplucking eyebrows should be completely avoided, saying: “On average, eyebrow hair grows quite slowly and will increase in length around 0.14 millimeters every day.


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