How to look younger: Hairstylist on the ‘daring’ hair colour for ‘a more youthful’ look


Many people choose to dye their hair as they age, but choosing the right colour can have a major impact on your overall appearance. Jack Mead, co-owner of Lymington-based Jack and The Wolfe hair salon and star of E4’s The Big Blow Out says that many of the shades we have traditionally “obsessed” over may be on the way out, with new, vibrant colour trends taking over.

Jack is a cutting specialist who started his career in hairdressing when he was just 14 years old and has since gone on to work on television, London fashion week and become a finalist at the British hairdressing awards.

While you might typically opt for a shade closer to your natural colour, as we age our complexion changes, and according to Jack, choosing a warmer tone can create a youthful appearance.

“Go warm,” he urged. “We have had ash blondes for so long now and as a nation been obsessed with yellow tones. But more often than not warm tones suit our skin tones a lot more and also allow us to keep the hair in great condition, which helps to give a more youthful feel.”

For those who favour blonde, Jack recommends a “warmer champagne blonde” and for brunettes, chocolate brown, light honey or rich mahogany are all considered to be warm tones.

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However, if you really want to have some fun, a flash of auburn or red is set to be a key trend this season. Jack explained: “There are so many beautiful shades of copper that can really enhance your features and look great with winter fashion. Or maybe dare to go red. It’s very on-trend after not being in fashion for years.”

He continued: “Warm tones and shapely haircuts with length are really on trend and I’m so excited about it. For years it’s been white blonde comprised hair that’s been one length and beach waved with straighteners.

“The future is rich healthy hair with long layers and face shaping. Hairdressers can finally produce stunning shiny hair and show their real skill without being forced to sacrifice condition for colour.”

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Speaking previously to, global hairstylist and founder of Lazou Hair, Nicky Lazou, also warned against opting for extremely light shades. She explained that attempting to cover grey hairs the wrong way is “one of the biggest mistakes” she sees in her career.

“Going too light to cover grey hair is one of the biggest mistakes I see,” she said. “Unless your hair is naturally light or blonde, highlighting too much or completely changing the colour of your hair to go significantly lighter can age you, especially if it clashes with your skin tone.”

Much like Jack, Nicky recommends opting for warmer shades. “Most people think that to look younger, you need to hide the greys and go blonde,” she said.

“However, contrary to popular belief, it’s actually caramels, honeys, golds, and strawberry tones that can make you look younger.”

Nicky also recommends going for a multi-tonal approach, suggesting people “incorporate another colour that’s one shade lighter on the strands around your face to help give you a youthful glow.

“Caramel highlights can add a warm tone to your hair with added dimension and help give an impression of extra volume. If you really want to go a bit more blonde to cover some greys, a golden balayage is a great choice as it will also help you to stay closer to your natural colour and can be really flattering if used in a way to frame your face.”


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