How to look younger: Top recommended hairstyle for a ‘cool and youthful’ look

Switching up your hairstyle can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have a go-to look you have been attached to for years. But according to Jack Mead, the co-owner of Lymington-based Jack and The Wolfe salon and star of E4’S The Big Blow Out, one simple style could help to create a more youthful appearance without too much of a dramatic change.

Jack is a cutting specialist who started his career in hairdressing when he was just 14 years old and has since gone on to work on television, London fashion week and become a finalist at the British hairdressing awards.

Speaking to, he said: “I’m loving hair that looks like it’s not been cut at the moment. I think it gives a really cool youthful look.”

While keeping some length can look more youthful, Jack recommends adding some face-framing shape to your locks. “Ask to keep as much length as possible whilst keeping hair healthy,” said Jack. “Then start to shape the hair at the front cutting the corners off, not too short.

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“The random bits must be done with attention to detail and with an understanding of shape.” While long bobs and shorter styles have had their moment in the spotlight, Jack says it’s all about looks that combine length with a shapely chop.

“Warm tones and shapely haircuts with length are really on trend and I’m so excited about it,” he explained. “For years it’s been white blonde comprised hair that’s been one length and beach waved with straighteners. The future is rich healthy hair with long layers and face shaping.”

Five tips to maintain healthy long hair

Get frequent trims – while the idea of cutting your long hair might seem pointless if you’re hoping to grow it, frequent trims will get rid of any split ends that might lead to breakage.

Brush your hair before bed – running a brush through your locks before bed can distribute your hair’s natural oils and increase circulation to your scalp.

Eat a healthy diet – along with the products you use, eating a healthy diet rich in fish, beans, nuts, wholegrain and vitamins can contribute to healthier hair overall.

Avoid overdoing it with heat – styling tools are a great way to achieve a certain look, but using them too often can damage your hair. Try not to use heat tools every day and opt for a protective product on the occasions you do require a little heat.

Skip the daily shampoo – while shampoo can have huge benefits for your tresses, too much product may have the opposite effect. Experts instead recommend washing your hair with shampoo around two to three times a week, giving plenty of time for your natural oils to penetrate deep into your hair.

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