Inheritance tax expert explains how Britons can ‘avoid difficulties’ when writing a Will | Personal Finance | Finance

Thirdly, Mr Sisson noted the lack of proper provision for pre-death events, such as defining what would happen if a named beneficiary passes before the Testator.

Improper assumptions on the part of the Testator, such as assuming that a partner (not married) will automatically inherit the estate, leading them not to state specific intentions.

The remaining key issues, according to Mr Sisson include taking insufficient care in dealing with assets, like missing some assets out; a lack of clarity and proper provision for costs, such as inheritance tax; and unequal distribution giving rise to conflict among beneficiaries.

Mr Sisson said: “Using a professional to write your will is going to be more expensive than doing a DIY will, but as we have seen it can be a false economy – for your loved ones – in pursuing that course of action.”

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