Kate and William display ‘three body language changes’ an expert claims


Jesús Enrique Rosas, also known as The Body Language Guy, took to his YouTube channel The Royal Rogue to share the three changes he claimed to spot in Kate Middleton and Prince William’s body language. Two out of the three changes were interactions between the couple, and the third was Kate with several members of the public.

1. William’s hand around Kate’s waist

“The first one stands out just because an extremely rare public display of affection, in the form of William’s hand on Kate’s waist,” Jesús noted.

This isn’t the first time William has used a hand signal with Kate – usually his hand is placed on her lower back as a “gesture of reassurance”, and the Prince doesn’t always use “his full hand, just the tip of his fingers”.

The expert said it was a “good signal” for a partner “to know that consciously and subconsciously, you are there with them, present and in the moment”.

Looking back a few years at other public engagements, Jesús “noticed [at] the majority”, William used to place his hand flat on Kate’s back “more”.

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A possible reason why William no longer displays this gesture as often might be Kate no longer needs “subtle reassurance”.

Instead, he has adopted a new hand signal – placing his hand on Kate’s waist and his arm around her back.

“What stands out about this new public display of affection is that even though William’s fingers are not fully extended (around Kate’s waist), they form a cup of protection – this more than reassurance, is a gesture of possession and protection,” he claimed.

“This is a masculine and loving gesture,” the expert added and clarified it doesn’t mean William is “controlling Kate with a possessive gesture”, instead he noted the Prince being “more relaxed and confident than usual”.

2. Kate’s head tilt and eye gaze

The second new body language signal Jesús claimed to spot was “the way Kate exposes her neck while turning to William and smiling at him”.

The expert said it’s a “very feminine gesture” that was held “for more than a couple of minutes” and this could suggest Kate “feels comfortable with him, protected and she likes him a lot”.

Jesús also noticed a “tiny detail” he claims “is easy to miss” and that’s how “Kate’s eyes are directed to William’s mouth”.

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He said it’s “common for Kate to look into William’s eyes, but it’s also fairly common to catch her looking at his mouth”.

Jesús suggested “this is another signal of attraction”, between the couple.

3. Laughing together

When visiting a restaurant, the phone rang and William picked it up. It was a customer looking to place a booking for dinner that evening, and instead of handing the phone over to the restaurant owner, the Prince took a customer’s booking.

“This was the real deal,” Jesús commented. “The way they are laughing… the energy is just there for everyone to see.”

He noted how “William looks relaxed” and Kate had “her bright smile” as they enjoyed the situation together.


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