Kate Middleton hair: Achieve ‘incredibly thick’ locks with top tip

Tina Farey, editorial director at RUSH, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about her top tips for thick, healthy hair. The expert shared how even those with fine hair can develop a thicker, glossier mane.

Tina said: “No matter how Kate Middleton’s hair is styled, whether it be smooth and straight or in her signature voluminous waves, Kate’s hair always looks incredibly thick, healthy, luxurious and glossy.”

The hair expert’s first top tip was to ensure that your hair gets cut regularly, preventing dry and split ends.

“In order to achieve hair like Kate’s, regular trims are a necessity,” she explained.

“You can use all the professional high end hair care products to try to put moisture back into your hair and have it looking and feeling in great condition, but it’s impossible for your hair to stay in a great condition if you don’t maintain it with regular cuts.

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“Getting your hair cut every six to eight weeks will keep your hair in the best condition possible, free from split ends and damage, and will allow it to be more manageable when it comes to styling.

“It will also help to keep the hair looking blunt and thick in appearance much like Kate’s, which in turn allows your curls and the layers in your hair to sit nicer, and your styled curls to look more voluminous and bouncier.

“You should, of course, use great quality, professional hair products to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy in between appointments too.

“For glossy locks, a hair mask or treatment once per week is a must, which will give your hair an extra dose of moisture and keep your hair smooth, silky and full of shine.”

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Hair oil is another product that can help one to achieve “glossy locks like Kate’s”. Tina said: “This can be used on damp or dry hair to inject further shine into your hair, banish frizz and flyaways, and seal split ends.

“It’s also a great product for applying into your hair before styling with a hairdryer and heated styling irons to allow your hair to be a lot easier to comb through.

“When trying to re-create Kate’s signature waves or curls at home, apply some of your hair oil into your hands and lightly scrunch through the ends of your curls.

“This will give them further movement and body, as well as a further luxe, high shine finish. I also love to apply an oil after straightening the hair to give it a further smooth, shiny finish.

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“The KMS MoistRepair Hydrating Oil is one of my favourite oils for giving hair a super healthy and shiny finish,” Tina added.

The expert also recommended visiting a salon every two to three months for professional hair treatment, particularly “if you want to keep your hair in the most optimum condition and if you’re trying to help it grow”.

Tina said: “This will give your hair added TLC and your stylist will massage the product into your hair and scalp, promoting hair growth.”

As for imitating Kate’s hair colour, Tina claimed that the Princess “may have monthly hair tints or glossing services to keep her colour looking radiant and flawless”.

“Glossing services in particular are a great way to keep your hair looking glossy and give your colour a much needed pick me up,” she said.

Tina also mentioned the length of Kate’s hair – for those wanting promote growth, protection is key.

“Where possible, lay off the heated styling to give your hair a break and avoid damage and breakage being done to your hair,” Tina said. “And if you do need to use heated styling tools, always use a heat protection spray. “

The expert added: “Hair brushing – particularly when wet when hair is more prone to breakage – can also cause damage to your hair, particularly if it’s not done incredibly gently. Always use a wide-tooth comb alongside a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray to help get rid of knots in your hair and be able to glide through the hair more easily without causing further damage.

“Friction can also be caused to the hair by using hair ties that pull at the hair or when you sleep. It’s a good idea to invest in a silk or satin scrunchie and a silk or satin pillowcase that are a lot gentler on your hair.”

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