Look younger with ’99p glowing skin hack’ – instantly reduces ‘signs of ageing’

Actor and online creator Scott McGlynn shared the “99p glowing skin hack” on his Instagram account, a beauty routine he likes to follow at night, before a relaxing bath. For this, “all you need is an avocado,” he said, your favourite serum and a bowl to mix the two ingredients.

Scott started by grabbing an avocado, which can be purchased in many supermarkets for as little as 99p, and placing it in a bowl.

He added a few drops of his favourite serum to the mix, although he explained that this step is “optional”.

“Really mix it up and then we are going to apply it to the face. This is such a natural way to put a face mask on, and get in a lovely glow afterwards,” he explained.

Scott advised to leave the mask on for about 20 minutes. He shared the results saying: “Voila, I’m out of the bath, natural glowing, a 99p bargain!”

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Social media users and beauty enthusiasts took to the comments section to praise the skincare hack.

Instagram user @jonesycleaningathome said: “I need to try that one” and @_number_61 commented: “That’s amazing. I love that!”

Another one, @fionabrenchley, asked him what his favourite serum was to which Scott replied: “It does vary depending on what my skin is needing at the time.

“A hydration serum is my go-to at the moment, in the video I’m using Garnier serum.”


Dermatologist Dr Nina Roos explained that avocados are full of fatty acids which are great for “optimal skin reconstruction”.

“These fatty acids are packed with nutrients, which translates into your skin keeping its smooth, youthful appearance for longer,” she said.

Avocados also have high levels of vitamin E, which helps slow down the signs of ageing, and vitamin A, “responsible for ensuring effective cell repair”.

She added: “Somewhat surprisingly, applying avocado oil directly onto the skin can help reduce the outward signs of ageing thanks to its regenerating properties.”

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