Man’s ‘worst Christmas ever’ after accidentally giving his mum embarrassing gift

Andreas Polychromes is a TikTok comedian who posts videos for his 3M followers on his page @andreaspoly. He had viewers in fits of giggles after sharing a funny festive story which he dubbed “the worst Christmas ever”.

In the video, Andreas said his mum “hates the gift I bought her for Christmas”. He explained: “I am literally having the worst Christmas ever, like my Christmas can’t get any worse.”

Andreas went on to tell the tale of how a seemingly thoughtful Christmas present for his mother went extremely wrong.

“Last week me and my girlfriend went over to the mall and I wanted to buy my mum a gift. I already knew what I wanted to buy my mum, I bought my mum a pair of white gloves,” he said.

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With a look of devastation on his face, Andreas goes on to explain why his mother was so upset. “Before I explain the situation let me read you the card I wrote my mum,” he said.

“Dear mum, this is a very special gift because I realise you never wear any when we go out. My girlfriend helped me pick them out because she said the ones with the button are hard to remove.

“I chose this colour because the lady I bought them from showed me her pair that she has been wearing for the last three weeks and they are hardly dirty.

“I wish I was there with you to help you put them on but there is always next year. Love You. PS, the latest style is to wear them a little down so a little fur is showing.”

Andreas added: “It was at that very moment I realised the guy at the store put the underwear in the box instead of the globes.”

The TikTok funny man admits that the story is a “skit” rather than a true story, but it has still amassed over 217k “likes” and been shared 27k times.

Viewers have also flooded the comments section to commend him on his storytelling. Tim Herbet said: “OMG dude I am crying! Thank you, I really need a good laugh tonight.” [SIC]

Another user named Alex added: “I knew exactly where this was going from the beginning, but it was a good laugh nonetheless.”

Other users said their stomachs were left hurting from laughing so much. PJ Smith said: “Omg stop – my stomach is aching.” [SIC]

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